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First Name:                         Elm


Last Name:                         Wood


Full Address:                       ----


Email Address:                    ----


Phone:                                ----


High School Baseball Team:




Cumulative GPA:                 3.25

High School:                       ----


Desired College and Major:


The college I am wishing to attend is the Hastings College in Hastings, Nebraska. At this college, I will major in business administration with a minor in finance.


What is your career objective?:


My career goal is to be a top tier projects manager at Lockheed Martin. During this career, I would be overseeing top secret projects and managing the people doing the work.


Community Service Activities:


I have participated in a couple of community service activities. These activities include FFA highway cleanup for one hour. After that is volunteering as an ATV leader at Camp Machasay where my work there was to not only lead a group of kids on ATV's and maintain them, but to also leave a lasting influence on them about the love of our God. Since my freshman year, I have been at every summer youth camp that Camp Machasay has hosted, which would be two full weeks each year. In total at Camp, I have been a part of a month and a half of impacting these kids lives.



Baseball Activities:    


For baseball, I have mainly been an outfielder throughout high school, but I have been a varsity starter all four years. A few of my accomplishments would include making a few diving catches, as well as throwing someone out from centerfield to first base.

Another accomplishment of mine includes the two walk-offs I have hit in tense situations. Although I have not personally won any awards for baseball, I have been a large part of our team in being the first ---- baseball team since 1993 to make it to the state level, and this year, we plan to be the first team in ---- history to win state.




Outside of School Activities:


As a freshman, I participated in only golf and baseball, but this is also the year I started volunteering for Camp Machasay. The next year, as a sophomore, I participated in golf, basketball, baseball, FFA, and FBLA. This is also the year I got my first few varsity starts in golf, as well as making it to the state level in FBLA and FFA. After that came my junior year, where I participated in all of the same activities as the year before, but this year I found more success. I was consistently starting as a varsity player in golf, where I also made it to districts. In doing FFA and FBLA, I made it to state in FBLA, but didn't win. On the other hand, in FFA, our land judging team was the first team in ---- history to win the state competition and advance to the National FFA Convention in Indianapolis, Indiana, where I made lifelong memories.

This is also the year we started seeing success in baseball when we were the first team from ---- since 1993 to make it to the state tournament. Last, but not least, is my senior year. During this year of high school, I participated in golf, baseball, FBLA, and FFA. In golf, I made it to districts again, but didn't quite make it to state.

Although we do not have our final results for baseball yet this season, we are going pretty strong and steadily improving ourselves for state. In FBLA, my Website Design team placed top ten, but we didn't quite qualify for the National Competition. Again, I do not know the results so far for FFA this year, but we have made it to the state competition in Ag Sales.


Career Goal in 2 years:      


In two years, I would like to be interning for a projects manager in Hastings, Nebraska, as well as studying business administration.



Career Goal in 5 Years:     


In five years, I see myself being an entry level manager at Lockheed Martin, proving myself that I have the strive and success to be a top tier projects manager. Even though I would be entry level, first impressions are a big deal, and when I am the most successful entry level manager of that year, I will soon climb up the ladder at Lockheed Martin.


Career Goal in 10 Years:


In ten years, I see myself being a projects manager for Lockheed Martin. At this time, I may not be at the top, but I will be close and I will still strive to be the best I possibly can.

Why this grant?:                 


I am applying for this grant because college is expensive, and I need to be able to afford this education to be able to be successful at Lockheed Martin.


How will this help YOU!:     


This grant will help me accomplish my goals by supporting me throughout my academic journey in college. Without this college education, I would not be able to accomplish my goals as being a top tier projects manager for Lockheed Martin.

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