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First Name:                         Teak

Last Name:                         Wood

Full Address:                      ----

Phone:                                ----

High School Baseball Team:


Cumulative GPA:                 3.90

High School:                       ----


Desired College and Major:


As of right now, I am accepted to both University of Wyoming and Colorado State University. I have not committed to either one, because I am still looking into both Construction Management programs to determine which is better for me.

What is your career objective?:


After college I plan on pursuing the construction industry, more specifically, metal building erection.

Community Service Activities:


I have done 8 hours of volunteer work within my church. Within this time I would clean attics, move pews, and even adjust sound systems.

Baseball Activities:            


I have participated in baseball all 4 years of high school. I am also proud to say that I was able to earn a varsity starting position all 4 years. Throughout the off season I would participate on travel ball teams to get extra reps and benefit my game all around. My junior and senior years I stepped into the leadership role and have really enjoyed being able to help my fellow peers on and off the baseball field.

Outside of School Activities:


I am proud to say that I am a part of a club called National Honors Society. I have also participated in other sports such as golf and basketball. I played golf all 4 years while only playing one year of basketball. Finally, I was also a part of 4-H shooting sports every since I was eight years old. Throughout all of these activities I am happy to say that I have been fairly successful.

Career Goal in 2 years:      


In two years I hope to have a sustainable job that I can participate in. With the sustainable position, I hope that I can continue to provide new ideas in the upcoming years.


Career Goal in 5 Years:     


Within five years of my career I hope to have a good grasp on the construction industry. I want to be able to provide lots of good ideas and maybe even be able to move up into a higher position within the company.

Career Goal in 10 Years:


10 years into my career I hope to have made a name for myself. Throughout life I like to have a dominate presence within everything that I do, this includes baseball.

Overall, I hope that I can be a trusted name that also has "clout" associated within my name.

Why this grant?:          


I chose this grant because it is something that I can relate to. Baseball is my first love and every time I step on the field I feel at home. Therefore I took advantage of looking into something I love praying that I get some help within my college journey that will eventually translate into my career.

How will this help YOU!:   


This grant would help me a lot because I believe that a degree in construction management would jump start me into a productive career. As we all know, college is a very expensive, so for that reason any help within my journey would mean the world.

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