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First Name:                         Mahogany

Last Name:                         Wood

Full Address:                       ----

Email Address:                    ----

Phone:                                ----

High School Baseball Team:




Cumulative GPA:                3.2

High School:                       ----


Desired College and Major:


I am planning on going to a Junior College my first to years to save money. Then I will move on to a 4-year. I will be pursuing a business administration degree.


What is your career objective?:


Once using baseball to pay for as much of my college as possible I will pursue a Juris Doctor degree to become a prosecutor.


Community Service Activities:


I have sporadically volunteered at the Greeley food bank with my family. Around 30 hours over the years. I volunteered at the ---- Collegiate team. Announcing games, running the snack stand, raking the field etc. Around 40 hours in the past 2 years.


Baseball Activities:  


I regularly coach and give lessons to younger kids trying to learn the game. I have coached at camps as well as many school events. I have been apart of a ---- team for the past two years as well.


Outside of School Activities:


I have worked at the PBR memorial cages for 4 years now starting my freshman year.


Career Goal in 2 years:   


I will have my associates degree in business and have a school lined up to transfer to where i can play baseball.

Career Goal in 5 Years:   


I will have a secure job in business and will also be taking classes towards my juris doctorate.


Career Goal in 10 Years:


Working as a prosecutor for my local community and giving back to my community.


Why this grant?:                 


The friends of baseball have help shape me as a young man and has helped me give back to my community.

How will this help YOU!:     


This scholarship will not only help relieve the financial burden on me, but also my family. Ever since I was little my parents said not to go to college unless I can afford it and this is what I am doing.

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